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Wearing the dual hats of 'graphic' and 'interior' deisgner, almost every aspect of my life revolves around creating aesthetic and functional beauty. From logo design to living room styling, my days are filled with colours, textures, and the ever present need to create cohesion and clarity. (If you're going to have an occupational hazard, I guess it's not a bad one to have!). 


I began my working career as a graphic designer more than 20 years ago, but I've always had an innate attraction to creating beautiful spaces. My home, my work spaces, even my children's cubby house hasn't escaped being styled to within an inch of it's life! It was this ongoing obsession with form and function (my two favourite F-words!) that eventually led me to further education in interior design and now I get to spend my days creating beautiful spaces and/or well considered design communications. In much the same way that you can't love one of your children more than another, I love both disciplines equally and can't give either vocation away! 


From logo design to living room styling, my focus is on
creating beautiful, fit-for-purpose results that accurately reflect you (or your brand) and the way you want to exist in the world.


I bring a mix of talents and experience to both my graphic design and interior design work. 
I'm degree educated and detail focused. I am able to interpret quickly and accurately what the often complex needs are on any given project and I work with singular purpose towards meeting those needs and exceeding expectations.
 I'm solution oriented, as well as flexible and practical – afterall, it's YOUR business or home we're working on, so the end results must be a comfortable fit. 


Best of all, because I work independently, my overheads are lower than larger design agencies and I am able to pass on those savings in competitive rates. If you're looking for professional, friendly, efficient and personal service, feel free to contact me. I'd love to meet you.




Hello! I'm Sarah East – freelance interior stylist / graphic designer

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